Everyone knows women are more interested in jewellery than men. But that does not mean men do not wear jewellery or they don’t have jewellery. Nowadays as fashion trends are changing day by day types of jewellery for men is also increasing. It is believed that men want to wear jewellery, but they lack confidence and also they are unsure about where to begin, what to get. As gender norms are changing, a massive trend towards jewellery in men’s fashion is increasing. 

Jewellery is the enhancement to a man’s outfit. Not wearing accessories is like not matching with the trend. It is like food without seasoning. The food can be good but without seasoning it is not edible. There can be few mistakes one can make while getting mens jewellery or bracelets for Men , here is the few mistakes you should avoid:

  • Not wearing jewellery with confidence

As you are living in a male dominating society, here men means muscular, and for them jewellery is the sign of femininity. In this society being a man and wearing jewellery is tough for someone. Many men do not wear jewellery because they don’t feel confident about it. Few wear without confidence, which can make him look odd.  

  • Not paying attention to the environment

One should wear an outfit and jewellery according to the occasion. You cannot wear casuals in your workplace; just like that you cannot over accessorize or wear metal accessories which will shine to your workplace. You can style yourself with leather or subtle accessories. 

  • Over- accessorizing

At first you have to realize how much jewellery is enough. Otherwise you can look like a walking jewellery store. Make sure that your accessories should be minimal just to complement your outfit and yourself. Too much jewellery can overpower your outfit. 

  • Not choosing jewellery according to skin tone

Every person has an undertone which looks perfect with certain metals. Here is a guide to choose the perfect metal according to your skin tone. If you have 

  • Blue or purple veins- cool skin tone- white gold, silver or platinum
  • Green veins- warm skin tone- yellow gold, rose gold, brass
  • Blue, green and purple veins- neutral skin tone- white and yellow metals
  • Wearing unbalanced jewellery

Unbalanced jewellery is related to over accessorizing which can draw a lot of attention. What you have to make sure that all accessories maintain equilibrium of sorts. 

  • Wearing jewellery according to your body

One should choose or wear ring jewellery according to the body type. If you are tall and have a great figure, a hair like bracelet won’t change anything. On the other hand, if you are thin, wearing a big dial watch can make you look odd. It is important the size of your jewellery matches with your body. Like that:

  • One with wide neck will require a longer necklace
  • If one have larger big fingers, you can go with oversized rings
  • Go for a large dial watch or bigger bracelet if you have a wide wrist
  • If you are thin go for smaller piece of jewellery