The polarization encouraged far-right forces to riot in the midterm elections

Think continues working in the documentation for his next project, which will be related to the polarization of American society and the resurgence of anfar-right mentality. This new phenomenon is also spreading to other countries of the world. All the information is being achieved by talking with the protagonists of the news and experts who independently share their vision.

One of the most difficult and complex chapters to be portrayed objectively, was the incident of January 6, 2021, when the White House was stormed by far-right Trump supporters, such as the Proud Boys, which are being called to testify.

Members of the House Freedom Caucus helped plan Trump’s attempt to overturn the election.  They attended a meeting at the White House on Dec. 21, 2020 in which, at least, 11 lawmakers discussed efforts to spill the election resultsand helped spread false information, according to testimony and records obtained by the committee.

And one of the groups that drove this effort is the Falun Gong sect, related with The Epoch Times.Falun Gong, a religious movement embroiled in a decades-long conflict with the Chinese government, has become a political asset in the Trump era due to its long-standing propagation of communist conspiracy theories.

At the time, reputable media such as The New York Times has reported that The Epoch Times used fake accounts to campaign for Trump during the 2016 election through its company Beautiful Life. Moreover, after they spent about $11 million on Facebook ads in 2019, the platform banned them for violating rules on political advertising transparency.

In April, at the height of its ad spending, videos from Epoch Media Group counted about 3 billion views on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, ranking 11th among all video creators across all platforms and outpacing all other traditional news publishers, according to data from social media analytics firm Tubular.

This engagement made The Epoch Times one of the favorites for the Trump family and a key component of the president’s re-election campaign. According to the Washington Post, reporters at The Epoch Times have received special access from the Trump administration: One America News and The Epoch Times were among the only media outlets with access to Georgia’s voting audience in the 2020 election.

Once thevote counts were published, the website questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election (neither journalists nor Trump’s legal team have uncovered credible evidence of widespread voter fraud). They also peddle a number of conspiracy theories as the one they supported in 2018 with the“full rundown” of Spygatethat claims an Obama’s administration spy attempted to thwart Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

There was great concern in The Epoch Times when Biden finally won the 2020 election. At the same time, to avoid trouble with Democrats over their earlier smear campaign against President Biden, Epoch Times executives decided at one point that they should keep a low profile internally and “drop the close relationship with Trump.”

The truth is, however, that January 6, 2021 gave the Epoch Times another chance.

Angelo Carusone, president and CEO of Media Matters for America, said that by exploiting the deep partisan polarization in U.S. politics and the long anti-Communist tradition of the American right, these media outlets, led by Epoch Times, have sought to link Biden and the Democratic Party to radical left-wing movements like Antifa.

Epoch Times pointed to a strong contender in the Democratic Party,an opportunistic rehash of existing conspiracy narratives – was characteristic of these outlets. “They’re not drivers, they’re not weaving new conspiracy theories, they’re amplifying what’s already out there,” Carusone said.

While the Proud Boys and QAnon have been punished by law, the Epoch Times remains at large. With the 2022 midterm elections in full swing, Carusone said, the intensification of conspiratorial messages in the Epoch Times’ output and its embrace of Trumpism could make them even more damaging to the United States.

Despite being banned from Facebook and unable to place many ads on the platform, The Epoch Times did not give up on other platforms and actively published hundreds of articles about the midterm elections on its website, including dozens of articles about Trump’s “high” approval rating (regardless of the actual situation).

In fact, in addition to obfuscating the midterm elections to attract Republicans for patronage, The Epoch Times and Falun Gong behind it appear to be undermining the American situation in even more egregious ways by opposing abortion and condemning homosexuality and feminism.

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Benefits of taking a personal loan

As we all know that banking sector got expanded so much in the past few years they are providing lots of facilities to their customers and also attracting more and more customers we can see everywhere not only government baking sector but also the private banking sector has been expanded a lot in the present age whether it is in the terms of approving loans, taking personal loans online, taking educational loans to home loans or any other banks give their best according to customer’s a requirement but out of all these loans the main and the most used and beneficial is a personal loan we can also check the benefits of personal loans online. There are many advantages of taking personal loans and here some of them are listed below.

1. Increase and build your credit score– If you are running out of credit scores and are unable to build them up this is the easiest way to improve and build your credit score. You can take a personal loan according to your repaying ability and it will directly positively affect your credit score.

2. Very less formalities and minimum document verification– This advantage is the most amazing benefit of taking a personal loan because it demands very less documentation and avail loan very easily and gives up to 60 months of The repayment option is the reason why this benefit is the most amazing one.

3. Very easy and fast approval– If you have a good CIBIL score then the bank can approve your loan in no time and it will help you in paying urgent cash and instalments.

4. Flexibility– This is so flexible to avail you can take it for your holiday or for buying the most expensive smartphone or you can be an iPhone user this loan will help you in fulfilling your daydreams and this single type of loan will benefit you in multiple ways.

5. Tax benefit– Only in some cases there is a tax benefit like building a business or renovation of the house or purchasing some gold asset but in most cases, there is no tax benefit.


These loans are the most sorted loans among all other loans and not just these there are many other benefits of personal loans and these benefits add on the popularity also according to money view these loans are the best because of its interest rates which are very less and also less documentation work you can avail the huge amount of money just by applying for it and fulfilling some document work.

Features of a good moneylender

Financial difficulties can knock on your door at any time. Excessive spending is a factor in financial hardship. But sometimes, even when we try to keep our budget, financial challenges persist.

This is because we have to spend money on things that may not have been budgeted for, such as purchasing basic necessities in an emergency. Inflation also has something to do with this as you have money left over with lower purchasing power.

When independent lenders weren’t as popular as they are today, people in financial trouble only had friends, family, or banks to turn to when they ran out of money. But as our family and friends may not be very willing to lend us money all the time, we have to meet many demands and processes that banks face.

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Nowadays, it may not be as difficult to run out of money as it once was. With the increase in lenders who are too willing to lend money, it is now easier to solve your financial crisis.

Here are some of the characteristics of a good lender:

Own funds: Most of the money lenders have is their own money. They do not always accept each other, whether in banks or other financial institutions. They can get small temporary deposits from customers, family, and friends. However, these loans represent a small percentage of the total number of borrowers.

Fast Loans: Lenders who recognize the need to quickly fix a financial crisis will not delay loan repayments. With a fast lender, you can receive your loan within an hour or day of establishing your identity and ability to repay. For example, Power Credit is one of the fastest-growing lenders in Singapore.

Fewer requirements – Finding a lender who doesn’t have to deal with a lot of paperwork will reduce your stress. Unlike banks that require you to provide paperwork before reviewing your paperwork, the best lenders will ask you to fill out an application and be able to withdraw your money.

Flexible repayment – In many cases, a loan may not be able to eliminate all of our financial problems immediately. This means that it may still be difficult for us to repay our loan because we have agreed to the terms and conditions. A good lender will understand your situation and allow changes to be made to our payments.

How to Get Your Resume Noticed This Year

Resumes are often the first impression a hiring manager gets of you. Make sure it’s the right one. Here are some ideas on how to make your resume stand out from the crowd this year. You can even use them in combination with each other for an extra boost!

Customize your resume per position and company

You can customize any part of your resume from changing the font, formatting or adding headers to rewording sections. You can also add more details about why you’re a good fit for that specific job opening. By using a CV maker online like CV creator, it will help you streamline and organize all aspects in an easy-to use format!

Use keywords throughout your resume that match the job listing

There is no doubt that keywords on your resume are important for job hunting. Using the right words can really catch an employer’s eye, so make sure you include as many relevant terms and phrases as possible to ensure someone will read through your application. Moreover, matching your resume to a job listing makes it easier for them to quickly decide if they want to interview you.

Don’t forget to attach a cover letter!

Whether you’re applying online or in person, it is always a good idea to send along an attached cover letter with your resume. It will give the hiring manager more information about who you are and why they should select YOU over all others!

Some other tips for making yours pop

The job market is competitive. To stand out, you need a resume that gets attention. Therefore, you should learn how to effectively promote yourself in the workplace!Add a photo of yourself to the top of your resume. Be sure it’s professional and represents who you are as a person. A selfie isn’t going to cut it here! Try using one from LinkedIn or even just something casual like what you would post on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t use photos with pets; they’re cute but don’t give off an air of professionalism, unless you’re applying at PetSmart… in which case, go right ahead!

The job market is changing and in order to stay ahead of the curve, you need to be creative with how you showcase your resume this year. By using some of the ideas we’ve shared above, you can create a great CV that will make potential employers take notice. In a world where over 85% of jobs are found through networking, it’s more important than ever to put your best foot forward. We hope these tips have helped get your creative resume flowing and given you some new ideas.

Investing in California Winery EB-5 Opportunities

Modern countries have long entertained foreign investment as part of select immigration, and the U.S. is no exception to that practice. Known as the EB-5 Visa program, immigrant applicants are able to participate in foreign investment in the U.S. as a channel by which to gain permanent residency, otherwise known as a green card authorization. The goal of the U.S. government program is job creation and financial investment in-country, so the minimum targets to be met should by the generation of at least 10 jobs (fulltime) through $500,000 of investment funds at least, according to Dr. Gregory Finkelson, a well-established consulting expert on business investment. The jobs have to generate income earning work for 10 positions committed to at least 35 hours a week. Originally, the funding requirement was higher, but since the federal courts reduced the minimum funding from $900,000 to $500,000, the immigration opportunity for foreign investors has increased notably.

The winery industry in the U.S., particularly in California, notes Dr. Gregory Finkelson, has been a strong contender for EB-5 investment. The industry and work involved still remains labor-intensive, which means any kind of sizable investment in the industry is going to create new jobs naturally. Given the fact that the wine market only continues to grow more and more in the U.S., the size and scale of investment growth has proven to be a very viable pick, even during fluctuating economic periods.

In particular, all vineyards, farms, agricultural business ventures and agricultural infrastructure for grape production are eligible investment options, Dr. Gregory Finkelson points out. And, further, the opportunity also includes financially-challenging winery operations as detailed by the EB-5 regulatory guidelines. Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties in California all have an assortment of businesses that are eligible, and the location is in a prime spot between two major markets, the Bay Area as well as the Sacramento Valley. In short, the regional target zone continues to have a high success potential due to adjacent markets.

Typical investment projects Dr. Gregory Finkelson has seen fall within the scope of EB-5 investment in wineries will include most major aspects of grape growing and harvest production, as well as manufacturing of the wine product itself through bottling and distribution. Compared to many other industries that an EB-5 investor could consider, the U.S. wine market and particularly that of California has provided a solid play with less risk than other industries face periodically.

Keep in mind, Dr. Gregory Finkelson advises, most projects typically have a core investment balance requirement to at least meet the minimum EB-5 threshold. Further, many winery investment projects also have a cap on how many investors can participate.

The EB-5 program will continue to provide a dependable channel for U.S. immigration as well as financial growth, as long as it allows investment in growing industries with return potential. The California winery industry has been leading that charge, and per Dr. Gregory Finkelson, it represents one of the better choices overall. 


Ex-Arsenal defender Bacary Sagna has been impressed with the form of young midfielder Emile Smith-Rowe this season. Newly capped England international Smith-Rowe has been one of the best attacking players in the Arsenal team this season.

Bacary Sagna talked about the quality that Smith-Rowe has shown this season in a chat with freebets. According to the Frenchman, he had a big doubt about the young player when he demanded for the number 10 shirt previously worn by prominent football figures such as Dennis Bergkamp, Robin Van Persie, Mesut Ozil and Jack Wilshere.

Smith-Rowe asked for the said jersey number when he penned a long-term deal with the Gunners in the summer thereby committing his future to the club. Bacary Sagna admitted that he was wrong about Smith-Rowe and that the England player has been able to handle the pressure of the jersey number well to emerge as the joint topscorer for Arsenal in the Premier League.

Arsenal midfielder Smith-Rowe was recently given his international bow after England manager Gareth Southgate promoted him from the Under-21s. Smith-Rowe joined up with the senior team after players like Jack Grealish, Mason Mount, Marcus Rashford and James Ward-Prowse withdrew from the senior team for various reasons.

Smith-Rowe made his debut during the Albania game at home in the World Cup 2022 qualifiers coming in as a substitute for Manchester City star Raheem Sterling in the second half. He made his full debut in the next World Cup qualifier at San Marino and the young Arsenal star was able to score a goal and provide an assist during the game.

Arsenal midfielder Smith-Rowe is the second highest goalscorer at the club this season with five goals behind club skipper Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who has seven goals in all competitions. Aubameyang and Smith-Rowe are the joint topscorer in the league with four goals.


European champions Chelsea are said to have agreed a deal to sign Fenerbahce defender Attila Szalai as they attempt to boost their options in that area of the team with the long-term futures of defenders Antonio Rudiger, Thiago Silva and Andreas Christensen at the club in serious doubt.

CNN Turk confirmed that Chelsea have reached an agreement over the transfer of Szalai from Turkish Super League giants Fenerbahce.  According to the Turkish media portal, the Blues have agreed a deal worth €23.4m for Hungarian centre back Szalai.

It was also revealed that 23-year-old Fenerbahce defender Szalai has agreed a contract with Chelsea ahead of moving to Stamford Bridge in January. The Hungarian international has agreed a six-year deal with the European champions and he will receive a salary worth €4m on a yearly basis.

Chelsea had always wanted to sign a centre back this season. They were close to signing French international Jules Kounde from Spanish La Liga side Sevilla in the summer, but they were priced out of a move for the player. The West Londoners even tried to offer players in exchange to make it work. Compatriot Kurt Zouma was offered as a part exchange in the quest to sign Kounde, but their bid was unsuccessful. In the end, Kounde stayed at Sevilla, while French defender Zouma sealed a big money move from Chelsea to fellow London team West Ham United. Zouma has been able to push the Hammers to third place on the Premier League log and within three points of leaders Chelsea with his impressive outings.

German international Rudiger, Danish player Christensen and veteran Brazilian star Thiago Silva are all defenders who could leave Chelsea at the end of this season. They all have less than a year left on their respective existing contracts at the club.

Pros and Cons of a daycare franchise

For all working parents, child care is a major worry. One of the most crucial concerns to consider if you work and have children is who will look after my children while I am at work. Because their children can be watched in someone’s home alongside other children, many parents prefer home-based child care versus commercial daycare or nannies. An entrepreneur must obtain a license, find a good location, and develop an effective marketing strategy before starting a childcare service. It becomes a lot easier with the help of a Best daycare franchise.

The Advantages

  • The right day care franchise will have a tried-and-true business model. Major banks are more willing to fund a well-established day care franchise than a brand-new start-up, and you are the owner and boss! If you stick to the system, you’ll be able to select what happens.
  • The majority of children-centric franchises have a low initial investment because they have a mobile model, which means they may be administered from a home office and staffed primarily by the owner. However, because they must be run out of a permanent site and maintained by people, daycare and tutoring centers might demand a large investment.
  • Parents are always looking for quality daycare for their children, so there should be no shortage of potential clients. And, based on word-of-mouth marketing, the better your reputation as a supplier, the higher demand for your services will be.

The Disadvantages

  • Licensing requirements can vary greatly depending on where you live. Check your state’s criteria before opting to start a  child care business.
  • Taking care of many children at home necessitates devoting a significant portion of your living space to the task. Before committing to such a task, make sure it is something you are willing to do.
  • It takes a lot of effort! It will necessitate your complete devotion, as well as that of those closest to you, but keep in mind that you are following a tried and true procedure, and failing to do so may result in failure.  Depending on the franchise, you may be making a significant financial investment, and the growth of that investment is not assured and will be dependent on both your and the franchisor’s efforts, as well as market trends.


When you love children and own a professional Child Care Franchise, your work can be rewarding and meaningful. If a person is interested in becoming a business owner, there are numerous options. The goal is to cater to the needs of the customers.

How to Create an Effective and Simple CV?

Recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds on a CV to do a first screening. Hence the interest in taking care of the presentation to capture their attention. But that does not mean you should make it complicated. The best thing to do is to opt for a minimalist CV look which is both aesthetic and easy to build.

Make a One-Page CV

You can create your CV now with CV Creator in order to save time and get more effective. But before you get into it, you need to be sure that you have sorted it out thoroughly. The best way to do this, especially for executive CVs, is to start from scratch. You first list all your professional experiences with the corresponding achievements and results. From there, depending on what is requested in the job offer, select only the major assignments that are relevant to it. Then, put 3 to 4 big achievements that coincide, which makes it possible to make a CV that fits on one page, not more. A photo is not compulsory on your curriculum vitae. If you want to put one, make sure it looks great on your resume.

Avoid Logos on a CV

It is true that inserting icons of mastered software or company logoscan be tempting. However, it is a bit risky because the use of a logo is supposed to be subject to authorization from the brand concerned. Some ill-intentioned recruiters might therefore jump at the opportunity to get you in trouble during the interview. In addition, all the colors and sometimes random shapes can weigh down your resume or break its sobriety. And the main goal here is to make an original but quite simple resume. In most areas of business, elegance matters in terms of job application. Meanwhile, you need to make it unique to catch the recruiter’s eye.

Use the Best CV Example

Job seekers these days have a great advantage thanks to the internet. Even if you have no idea of graphics, you can create a beautiful modern CV with just a few clicks. Just find a great resume generator and choose from the CV templates it offers. You select the model then add your own information and voila! It is the best and fastest way to build a simple and effective curriculum vitae. It saves your time and you can be sure to attract the recruiter with a modern professional document.

Signs that you need specialists

If you think you might have faulty electric circuitry at your house or business place, you must rectify that error as soon as possible. Such issues need to be rectified at the earliest to prevent causing further damage that can potentially damage your property and could be fatal to you. Improper wiring, faulty electrical systems, and operating broken down electrical devices are the number one cause of fire hazards at homes. 

If you think you might have a faulty electrical network but cannot identify it, fret not. Listed below are the most common signs that occur from faulty electrical wiring. If you observe these signs at your house you need to immediately contact and seek technical help from a local electrical specialist: 

  1. Lights in the house are regularly flickering on and off

Your ceiling lights may flicker sometimes, depending on usage, weather conditions, and power surges or drops. But if you notice that multiple lights in your house flicker regularly, you do have a wiring problem in that area. That or you might have a haunted house. If a light buzzes and flickers regularly this might due to an arc fault in the electrical wiring within your walls.

  1. Circuit breakers often trip

In such cases, circuit breakers are designed to trip and prevent a surge from flowing through and damaging the wiring. If you see that your circuit breakers trip regularly, then it means that the circuit breaker system installed at your house is not able to keep up with the electrical flow required for your day-to-day activities. In most cases, this occurs in old homes wi electrical Pte ltd where the system is in dire need of an upgrade.

  1. Your floor is crawling with extension cords

One or two extension cords are good. Maybe three or four. But if you see five extension boxes in a room, their wires crisscrossing the floor like a metro rail system, then we are in trouble. This may lead to an overloaded circuit and might cause your system to overload and trip. 

  1. Overheating devices and outlets

A mobile phone or a laptop can get heated when charging or when used constantly. But if your power outlet fixed in the wall starts to get hot, it usually means that the wire within the wall connected to the outlet plate on the exterior surface of the wall is getting heated. This spells trouble like no other.