Month: February 2022

How to Get Your Resume Noticed This Year

Resumes are often the first impression a hiring manager gets of you. Make sure it’s the right one. Here are some ideas on how to make your resume stand out from the crowd this year. You can even use them in combination with each other for an extra boost!

Customize your resume per position and company

You can customize any part of your resume from changing the font, formatting or adding headers to rewording sections. You can also add more details about why you’re a good fit for that specific job opening. By using a CV maker online like CV creator, it will help you streamline and organize all aspects in an easy-to use format!

Use keywords throughout your resume that match the job listing

There is no doubt that keywords on your resume are important for job hunting. Using the right words can really catch an employer’s eye, so make sure you include as many relevant terms and phrases as possible to ensure someone will read through your application. Moreover, matching your resume to a job listing makes it easier for them to quickly decide if they want to interview you.

Don’t forget to attach a cover letter!

Whether you’re applying online or in person, it is always a good idea to send along an attached cover letter with your resume. It will give the hiring manager more information about who you are and why they should select YOU over all others!

Some other tips for making yours pop

The job market is competitive. To stand out, you need a resume that gets attention. Therefore, you should learn how to effectively promote yourself in the workplace!Add a photo of yourself to the top of your resume. Be sure it’s professional and represents who you are as a person. A selfie isn’t going to cut it here! Try using one from LinkedIn or even just something casual like what you would post on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t use photos with pets; they’re cute but don’t give off an air of professionalism, unless you’re applying at PetSmart… in which case, go right ahead!

The job market is changing and in order to stay ahead of the curve, you need to be creative with how you showcase your resume this year. By using some of the ideas we’ve shared above, you can create a great CV that will make potential employers take notice. In a world where over 85% of jobs are found through networking, it’s more important than ever to put your best foot forward. We hope these tips have helped get your creative resume flowing and given you some new ideas.

Investing in California Winery EB-5 Opportunities

Modern countries have long entertained foreign investment as part of select immigration, and the U.S. is no exception to that practice. Known as the EB-5 Visa program, immigrant applicants are able to participate in foreign investment in the U.S. as a channel by which to gain permanent residency, otherwise known as a green card authorization. The goal of the U.S. government program is job creation and financial investment in-country, so the minimum targets to be met should by the generation of at least 10 jobs (fulltime) through $500,000 of investment funds at least, according to Dr. Gregory Finkelson, a well-established consulting expert on business investment. The jobs have to generate income earning work for 10 positions committed to at least 35 hours a week. Originally, the funding requirement was higher, but since the federal courts reduced the minimum funding from $900,000 to $500,000, the immigration opportunity for foreign investors has increased notably.

The winery industry in the U.S., particularly in California, notes Dr. Gregory Finkelson, has been a strong contender for EB-5 investment. The industry and work involved still remains labor-intensive, which means any kind of sizable investment in the industry is going to create new jobs naturally. Given the fact that the wine market only continues to grow more and more in the U.S., the size and scale of investment growth has proven to be a very viable pick, even during fluctuating economic periods.

In particular, all vineyards, farms, agricultural business ventures and agricultural infrastructure for grape production are eligible investment options, Dr. Gregory Finkelson points out. And, further, the opportunity also includes financially-challenging winery operations as detailed by the EB-5 regulatory guidelines. Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties in California all have an assortment of businesses that are eligible, and the location is in a prime spot between two major markets, the Bay Area as well as the Sacramento Valley. In short, the regional target zone continues to have a high success potential due to adjacent markets.

Typical investment projects Dr. Gregory Finkelson has seen fall within the scope of EB-5 investment in wineries will include most major aspects of grape growing and harvest production, as well as manufacturing of the wine product itself through bottling and distribution. Compared to many other industries that an EB-5 investor could consider, the U.S. wine market and particularly that of California has provided a solid play with less risk than other industries face periodically.

Keep in mind, Dr. Gregory Finkelson advises, most projects typically have a core investment balance requirement to at least meet the minimum EB-5 threshold. Further, many winery investment projects also have a cap on how many investors can participate.

The EB-5 program will continue to provide a dependable channel for U.S. immigration as well as financial growth, as long as it allows investment in growing industries with return potential. The California winery industry has been leading that charge, and per Dr. Gregory Finkelson, it represents one of the better choices overall.